Sophia Narrett, Puppy Tricks, 2017, Embroidery Thread on Fabric, 5 x 3 inches

Sophia Narrett

Sophia Narrett makes narrative embroideries around concepts of desire, fantasies, and fiction. She addresses how emotional and sexual interactions serve as a form of escapism, self-actualization, and disaster while examining the fun and self-understanding that comes from adult games, play, or dress up.  Narret builds reference images in Photoshop from online screenshots, social media, and photos she has taken before developing these images into stitched soft-core porn. Her work rejects the idea that the history of craft and embroidery puts it at odds with eroticism. Instead they seem to radiate with a heightened sense of intimacy, due to the time and commitment to render the images in thread as well as the insatiable tactility they imbue. Narrett lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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