Sarah Bedford, Pink Post-its, 2018, Acrylic, pencil, glitter and snakeskin collage on panel, 12 x 18 in

Sarah Bedford

Sarah Bedford is based in New York and received a BFA from The Cooper Union. With recent exhibitions at Mrs Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Le Courer (Paris,FR) and Bruce High Quality Foundation (New York, NY). Her recent paintings and collages explore the visionary, metaphoric potential of floral still life.

Sarah Bedford’s shimmering tableaux combine collaged pieces of glitter and snakeskin with thinly painted Day-Glo colors inspired by the cluttered realms of her desk and kitchen counter. Daffodils, hot pink rubber gloves, nail polish and neon post-its suggest the quotidian, but in Bedford’s work they are anything but. Her paintings seem to depict the world she wants to see, versus accepting the one that is.